Vehicle To Load (V2l)

OLINK V2L: Empower Your Adventures!

Stay charged on the move, with the V2L Adapter!

Planning a road trip or an exciting outdoor adventure? Say goodbye to portable power packs! 🔋 Have you ever wondered if your electric car could also serve as a power source eliminating the need for baggage? We’ve pondered on this too!

In response to the increasing demand in the market we have meticulously. Developed adapters specifically designed for electric car standards; Europe, North America, Asia (China) Japan and even Tesla models. Our lineup includes the J1772 V2L, Type2 V2L and GB/T V2L, Tesla V2l.

The V2L connector is a game changer for enthusiasts. It transforms your cars charger port into an AC outlet making it an essential accessory for activities like road trips, camping or tailgating. Whether you’re camping with the IONIQ or enjoying some outdoor experiences the V2L ensures you are always powered up. Just plug it in to easily charge gadgets such as lights and projectors or even use air compressors for mattresses.

It’s important to note that our V2L (Vehicle to Load) Adapter has a limit of 15 A. If you have any further questions, about this V2L Adapter product please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you!

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With 10 years of experience as a manufacturer of electric vehicle charging equipment, OLINK is well-positioned to address the charging needs of your local market. Let me and my team develop a marketing plan tailored to your requirements. Contact me today, and together, we can accelerate the pace of carbon neutrality.

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