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Why Choose OLINK?

OLINKs factory holds the prestigious status of being a high tech enterprise in China. It proudly possesses ISO9001 and IATF 16949 certifications demonstrating its commitment to quality. With ten top notch production lines OLINK has the capability to manufacture up to 1,000 electric vehicle chargers, 1,000 electric vehicle chargers and 5,000 electric vehicle cables per day. Every single product undergoes testing and quality control measures to ensure consistency and excellence.

Dedicated Customer Service

OLINK values transparency in its operations. Maintains long term relationships with businesses that have undergone SOP training. They warmly invite stakeholders and customers to visit their Huizhou production center providing them with a firsthand experience of their manufacturing capabilities. This approach not highlights their dedication to quality. Also strengthens their bond with customers.

Efficient Logistics

OLINK offers logistics services that guarantee quality by conducting production samples as well as final inspections before shipping. Enjoy delivery options with orders fulfilled in little as seven days through both ocean and air freight choices. Take advantage of thirty days of free warehouse storage while also benefiting from our reach through warehouses located in the US, UK and other countries.

What about the Packaging?

Can the products withstand long distance shipment? Our products undergo packaging processes starting with a cardboard box and then placed in a three layered carton, with professional cushioning materials. They are securely fixed, ensuring shipment by sea.

What kind of guarantee do you offer?

Our company has implemented a quality check system to maintain quality standards for our products. If any issues or defects arise they are eligible for refunds or exchanges in your order.

Why Choose US

1. Reliable and established products; OLINKs products have garnered trust through years of data accumulation and continuous improvements. Customers can focus on sales without worrying about sales problems.
2.. Experience; OLINKs experience simplifies product customization while reducing unnecessary costs and delays.
3. Innovation updates; Whether its the APP or OCPP version OLINK ensures customers stay ahead in the market competition.
4. Strong production capacity; With production capabilities OLINK guarantees delivery.
5. Good reputation; The presence of our brand in the market speaks volumes about our quality and service.

Contact Olink

  • 7/F, Building 27, Zhongnan Hi-Tech Electronic Information Park, Huizhou, GD
  • 0752-2375002
  • sales@olinkevse.com

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