⚡️Make charging vehicles (EVs) from the US, in Europe easier with the Olink adapter. This adapter is designed to meet the charging needs of US EVs in Europe. It allows compatibility, between CCS Combo 2 charging stations, which are widely found across Europe and US EVs that have CCS Combo 1 ports.

👍Consistent and Dependable Performance; Designed with durability, in mind the Olink adapter provides an effective charging experience. It is specifically engineered to handle charging conditions guaranteeing a source of power for your electric vehicle, in the United States.

✨Travel with peace of mind,With the Olink adapter American electric vehicle owners can confidently set off on their adventures. Bid farewell, to the hassle of carrying adapters or fretting about charging compatibility. The Olink adapter serves as your solution for effortless charging, across Europe.

👫The charging adapter is designed to be user friendly making it easy to connect and disconnect. Simply plug one end of the adapter the CCS Combo 2 into the charging station and the other end the CCS Combo 1, into your US EVs charging port. Charging your vehicle becomes an effortless process, with this design.

💪Top notch Build; The Olink adapter is made using resilient materials guaranteeing its durability, for long term use. Its design is specifically crafted to withstand the challenges of charging, offering European EV owners in the US a sense of security and trustworthiness.

Make your charging process easier. Guarantee power supply, for your American electric vehicle while in Europe with the Olink Power CCS Combo 2 to CCS Combo 1 Adapter. Experience charging compatibility, performance and the flexibility to discover European destinations with peace of mind. Count on Olink to provide the power, for your American EV during your travels.

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