★The GBT V2L Adapter has been designed to offer an adaptable charging experience, for vehicles. Its compact and portable design allows you to effortlessly switch to home electricity ensuring efficient charging no matter where you are. It's an accessory for those who prioritize convenience and flexibility in their charging requirements.

★With its plug and play design the GBT V2L Adapter is extremely user friendly. Simply connect it to your vehicle. Plug it into a compatible power source. There's no need for installations or additional equipment. It's a hassle solution.

★The GBT V2L Adapter is constructed using high quality materials such, as PC flame retardant material and friendly ABS material which guarantees durability and safety during operation. The conductive pins are made of copper alloy and silver plated to ensure conductivity and reliability.

★This adapter is equipped with GBT7 ports allowing you to conveniently connect devices and accessories for charging, whether you're, at home or on the go. Its versatility makes it suitable for charging scenarios, including home use and car charging.

★The GBT V2L Adapter prioritizes your safety with its built in earth leakage protection ensuring worry free charging for your vehicle. It operates at a rated voltage of 250V. Has a power range of 2.5~3.5kW delivering performance during the charging process.

★With its design the GBT V2L Adapter offers lasting usability, capable of enduring up to 10,000 cycles. It can withstand a temperature range from 30℃ to 50℃ making it adaptable, to environments and climates.

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