Olink release CCS1 to CHADEMO adapter for Nissan Leaf


In a world where electric vehicles (EVs) are steadily gaining traction, charging infrastructure remains a critical concern. Nissan Leaf, one of the pioneers in the EV market, faces challenges due to its CHADEMO charging port. However, Olink, a forward-thinking company, has unveiled a game-changing solution: the CCS1 to CHADEMO adapter. This adapter not only caters to the needs of Nissan Leaf owners but also offers a promising solution for other CHADEMO-compatible EVs.

Understanding the Scope

With approximately half a million Nissan Leaf vehicles grappling with charging difficulties globally, the need for a reliable solution cannot be overstated. Olink recognizes this pressing issue and aims to provide hassle-free charging options for all EV brands.

Introducing the CCS1 to CHADEMO Adapter

Olink's CCS1 to CHADEMO adapter emerges as a beacon of hope for Nissan Leaf owners. By seamlessly integrating with the CHADEMO charging port, this adapter opens up a world of possibilities. With its robust power delivery of up to 250kwh and 250A, it ensures efficient charging without compromising on performance.

Eliminating Charging Anxiety

One of the primary concerns for EV owners, especially during long journeys, is charging anxiety. With Olink's adapter, Nissan Leaf owners can bid farewell to such worries. Whether traversing urban landscapes or embarking on cross-country adventures, they can rely on uninterrupted charging, paving the way for seamless travel across North America.

Beyond Nissan Leaf: A Versatile Solution compatibility with Other EVs

While designed with Nissan Leaf in mind, Olink’s adapter extends its benefits to other CHADEMO-compatible EVs. Whether it’s a Mitsubishi i-MiEV or a Kia Soul EV, owners can leverage the power of Olink’s adapter for swift and efficient DC fast charging.


In conclusion, Olink's release of the CCS1 to CHADEMO adapter marks a significant milestone in the realm of EV charging solutions. By addressing the charging woes faced by Nissan Leaf owners and offering a versatile solution for other CHADEMO-compatible EVs, Olink reaffirms its commitment to innovation and sustainability in the automotive industry.


  • Yes, Olink’s adapter is compatible with various CHADEMO-compatible EVs, ensuring versatile charging solutions.
  • Absolutely! With its robust power delivery and seamless integration, the adapter is ideal for long journeys, providing peace of mind to EV owners.
  • Yes, Olink provides warranty coverage for its adapter, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • By offering efficient charging and seamless compatibility, Olink’s adapter ensures that Nissan Leaf owners can travel without worrying about charging infrastructure.
  • Not at all! Olink’s adapter is designed for user-friendly installation, allowing for hassle-free integration with the vehicle’s charging port.
  • Yes, Olink’s adapter is compatible with most CHADEMO charging stations, offering flexibility and convenience to EV owners.

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