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What is Olink?

Professional Manufacturing of EV Charging Equipment

OLINK is a pioneering Chinese company and IATF16949 and IPC620 certified, specialised manufacturer focusing on electric vehicle power supply equipment and solving problems in the field of connectivity with more than 5 years of professional experience in this field. We position ourselves as a solution provider for the extreme demands of electric vehicle power supply equipment. This means that Olink places great emphasis on quality, performance, price, delivery, one-stop solutions and after-sales service. Our wide range of products includes EV adapters, EV chargers (AC and DCFC), EV extension cords, and EV charger connectors and sockets, all of which are CE, ETL, UL, FCC, and RoHS compliant.



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Commitment To Reliable Product & Service

Olink we place importance on establishing partnerships with our valued clients. We take pride in ensuring that our products exceed industry benchmarks in terms of accuracy and dependability. Furthermore we offer a range of value added services that enhance the experience, for our clients taking it to unprecedented levels. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and meeting customer expectations has established us as a partner in the industry. We remain dedicated, to upholding this reputation by prioritizing the needs of our clients.

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Product Quality

Olink takes product quality very seriously and sees it as the cornerstone of our success. Our Electric Vehicle Adapters are manufactured under strict quality control processes to ensure that each batch matches the exacting standards we set. Through the use of advanced materials and technologies, our adapters offer superior durability and reliability, maintaining excellent performance in a variety of extreme environments.

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At Olink our main goal is to drive innovation and progress, in the electric vehicle accessories sector. Our dedicated research and development team consistently introduces state of the art technologies and designs to provide our customers with the EV adapter technology available. We are always attentive to market demands. Strive to stay in this fast paced industry by staying up, to date with the latest advancements.

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We understand that each customer has their requirements, which is why we provide a personalized service. Whether you require a power output, connector type or unique physical dimensions our team of experts will actively. Design a product that perfectly suits your needs. Our goal is to not meet your demands but also anticipate and address any future needs you may have.

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Olink EV charging adapters offer versatility and compatibility, with electric vehicles and charging stations. Our products can be customized to meet your requirements both, in the future. Moreover we have designed our products to be future proof allowing for upgrades to support emerging charging technologies.

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Ensuring customer satisfaction is our concern. We have a dedicated customer service team available, round the clock ready to address any concerns or difficulties you may face while using our products. Rest assured that our team of professionals will swiftly and courteously assist you in resolving any issues making sure your experience is both gratifying and delightful.

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We are dedicated, to manufacturing products that're conscious long lasting and cost effective aligning with the demand for sustainable development. Our primary focus is on enhancing energy efficiency and minimizing carbon emissions throughout the production and usage stages thereby making a contribution towards creating a greener tomorrow. Additionally our adapters have durability, which reduces the frequency of replacements required. This not lowers costs, for consumers. Also enhances our products competitiveness in the market.

Why Choose OLINK?

EV charging experts with 15 years of professional experience

As the first company in the world to release a third-party 200KW CCS1-Tesla charger, Olink has established a leadership position in the EV charger adapter space, releasing more than 20 new EV charging products each year. Not only do we power electric vehicles, but we are committed to solving our customers' problems and providing user-focused products. We are always striving to improve our products to meet individual needs. Our professional labs and R&D department constantly provide fast, stable and safe EV charging equipment, including GB/T, CCS1, CCS2, NACS, J1772, Type 2, and other related connectors and sockets. Our professional R&D team and enthusiastic service team ensure that we can meet all market demands. Promote the rapid development of the electric vehicle industry. Welcome to enquire about our EVSE products.

Favorable Market Reputation
Trusted By Clients
Wide-ranging Applications
Advanced Technology
Professional Customer Service
Comprehensive Product Certification
Rigorous Quality Control
Robust Production Capacity
Extensive OEM ODM Experience
Stable Product Performance
Timely Technical Support
Complete Product Portfolio

Certificates and Patents

Our Partners

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  • 7/F, Building 27, Zhongnan Hi-Tech Electronic Information Park, Huizhou, GD
  • 0752-2375002
  • sales@olinkevse.com

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